Drywall and Plaster Repair

When it comes to drywall repair Columbus OH, Holes come in many shapes and sized and can be caused by various mishaps; bumps and wrestling accidents, doorknobs hitting the walls, water and electrical as well as roof damage, small dents and dings from corner beads, stress fractures on walls from house settling (sometimes seen at the angle between the wall and ceiling). Many people attempt to fix small holes in walls by themselves and underestimate the skill required to make the finished product look nice. Matching textures and true finishing skills takes time to master.


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Drywall Ceiling and Plaster Repair

Sometimes drywall repair Columbus OH can be needed for your ceiling: water damage caused from plumbing and or roof leaks, electrical updates including re-wiring, moving lights and general fixes, and stress fractures from houses settling.

Garage Damage

We do both drywall repair Columbus OH for walls and ceilings often caused by age. We help customers with panels falling down, tape coming loose at the seams, angles where the wall meets the ceiling and other areas that might be fragile or showing a state of weakness. Humidity and hot and cold are also factors especially near the garage doors where most of the moisture comes in. Stress and pressure also play a role in repairs. We have various solutions such as replacement and repair as well as retexturing. This often includes stamping and matching patterns. We can also use traditional aesthetic carpentry by refortifying the seams and angles with wood laminates.

Drywall Repair Columbus OH Services 2Basements Flooding

Flooding is usually caused from heavy rains and storms, cities that have low flood plains and or utility issues with drains that cannot hold the water back or older homes with faulty water sepages. Basement companies will fix foundational issues or water mitigation companies will come in to do their part. We then replace the entire walls replacing the framing and drywall. Based upon the water damage, sometimes the drywall has to be removed a few feet from the floor. We assess the situation and drywall repair Columbus OH or remove further as needed.


Backsplash Damage & Removal

Trying to remove tile from backsplashes can sometimes destroy the paper on the drywall board, causing holes in the board Columbus Ohio. Depending on what they intend to do with the backsplash can determine how we fix it. If it’s painted then they need a paint finish if they are re-tiling, then a rough coat can generally do the job but for a painted finish we recommend that they replace the old board with new.


Kitchen & Bath Retextures

People try to self remodel causing sometimes self inflicted drywall repair Columbus OH. We get calls anywhere from matching textures to completely taking the drywall project from start to finish. Hanging drywall requires time and so does the finishing however, we generally can have these types of jobs done within a few days. We avoid sanding just like we do when we patch, leaving jobs dust free and ready for paint. Sometimes corner beads are needed to fix soffits and holes from lights being moved.

Generally all of our residential services can be done in a matter of hours with same day service, matching ceiling and wall textures as close as possible, requiring minimal sanding, and cleanup. We are confident that our patching and repair work will hold up for the duration of the home’s existence unless the home is shifting and stressing.

What Makes Us Different?

Drywall Repair Columbus OH Services 3Our main point of value is speed and quality at a fair price for drywall repair Columbus OH needs. We communicate and clean up after ourselves. We treat the home and customer with respect and let them know what we are doing, how we are fixing the problem with our solutions and providing the benefit of getting the job done, ready for paint without dust from sanding at the customer’s approval. We have over 500 reviews in multiple locations. We are members of the BBB with top award winning ratings. We have won all of the Home Adviser and Angi Leads awards. We have joined and are members of NARI, an elite remodeling national group.

WHY we fix drywall: Holes are ugly and obviously detrimental to maintaining and or selling a home. Fractures and dilapidated plaster can actually fall and injure someone or property. Our job is to make these areas safe and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Our trade and service is valuable and can increase the enjoyment of a home and lessen the worry of the homeowner. We are like dentists removing water damaged infected walls and ceilings by repairing the drywall and plaster finishes. We can topically repair by placing a crown or finish. We often have to remove the “tooth” or wall all together and rebuild. We are also like plastic surgeons in that we fix the “skin” of the home. Sometimes we have to restructure the bones underneath or the 2x4s then set the drywall and plaster correctly.

CONFIDENCE: Our reviews and customers’ reactions of thankfulness for great work means more to us than anything. We want our customers to be happy. We strive for excellence in all that we do from consultation to service, to customer satisfaction for a job well done and ultimately home restored.