Who Are We?

Drywall Repair Columbus OH About 1Speedy Patch Drywall Repair Columbus OH was formed out of the need to serve next door neighbors repair requests to fix damaged wall and ceiling drywall. After four generations of both installing and repairing drywall, a determination was made to become the best drywall repair and patching company for the greater central Ohio area. We are an award winning company through several online connectors such as Google and other third parties (including contractors). We have found that customers are concerned about the speedy repair of drywall as well as quality work and tradesmanship. We work fast by minimizing multiple trips without sanding. We add value to addressing the customers concerns of quality, speed and cleanliness, minimizing dust and debris at a fair price.

We provide award winning and highly five star reviewed drywall repair Columbus OH and fixable solutions for repairing damaged drywall on walls and ceilings. Many times we are able to fix water damaged ceilings, stress fractures and match textures both topically or by removal and replacement. We answer the customers questions by listening to their concerns and expectations. We consult by providing solutions and then completing the repairs quickly.

Our services not only include topical repairs and texture matching but also backsplash repairs, basement flooding repairs and garage deterioration. Most repairs are done on ceilings and high places that are too dangerous for customers to attempt themselves. This even includes eight foot ceilings that require work above the head and shoulders. Our value is using true tradesmanship to quickly restore the surface of walls and ceilings.

The Speedy Patch Drywall Repair Mission

Drywall Repair Columbus OH About 2Our mission is to provide drywall repair Columbus OH our customers well with a team of skilled trade professionals that can fix wall and ceiling damage at a fast speed with careful, quality work at a fair price.

Our motivation comes from providing quality solutions for our customers in restoring their walls and ceilings. Some contractors disregard many methods and ways to both rapidly fix drywall but not Speedy Patch. Our award winning service and solutions can do it all in one stop starting with consulting with the customer on options and then ultimately, how we can fix the repair.

Our Values

Our core values start with rapidly responding to inquiries and requests made by customers for drywall repair Columbus OH. We then like to look at the project and meet with the customer on the job while answering their questions and listening to their concerns and expectations. We select each other. We continue this speedy process with our customers by communicating, providing quality value and overall great service from our repair specialists and team. We respond daily, often coming out to view the repair within a few hours to a few days. We work fast and clean by minimizing our mess and maximizing our quality to restore the ceiling and or wall back to its original condition as closely as possible.

Drywall Repair Columbus OH About 3

From water damage to painting techniques, we coach and advise our customers on how the patch should be treated for each drywall repair Columbus OH. Our specialists address everything the same way by communicating with customers based on their needs and the repair that needs completed. For example, let’s say, Kathy has a water leak from her upstairs toilet which has overflowed. The water soaked the floor and ultimately damaged her ceiling below. It ruined both the drywall on her ceiling as well as the wall around her toilet above. After it all dried, and was opened up with plumbing and mitigation repairs, Kathy reached out to us to replace and restore the damaged drywall. Speedy Patch responds to her call and comes to the home inspecting the damage and then provides solutions to fix the area with minimal mess and cost. All options based upon Kathy‚Äôs expectations and concerns are discussed. We then complete the work by simply patching the area with new drywall, leaving the finished area ready for paint. Kathy in turn inspects the work to her satisfaction. All is completed within a few hours or days (depending on the size of the job).

Christian, owner and founder of Speedy Patch drywall repair Columbus OH began with this scenario in mind after fixing several neighbors and friends’ homes through the years. He is a third generational drywall finisher who put himself through two educational degrees while coordinating and educating young tradesmen. Christian in return taught his son (now fourth generation) who helps operate the business. Treating their company repair specialists like family, both have begun training new tradesmen and reequipping older ones to meet the needs for homeowners. This family owned business, takes time to enjoy family, participate in their churches and local communities as well as professional trade associations. The Speedy Patch team strives to create a positive work culture. We strive to highlight the practices, great reviews and awards won by Speedy Patch in order to further advertise and get the word out to contractors and homeowners.



Drywall has been around since World War two and the mid century. It is slowly deteriorating due to time. Plaster in older homes often holds up well but cracks over time. With today’s materials we can fix these cracks caused by settled foundations faster and more efficiently.